You're going when??? I honestly don't think my husband believed me when I told him I was going hiking at 5:00am.  In fact, if I'm being honest, I didn't really believe it either but I had set a goal and the only way to achieve it is to bust my butt at whatever time I could get out to do it.

In May of 2013 I had the amazing opportunity to do a photography workshop with one of the best photographers I have ever seen... in Hawaii no less!

That single experience has been life changing for me.  I have gone from having a constant 'I can't' voice in the back of my head to just knowing that I can do anything if I work hard enough. 

What do I do with all this new found vim, vigor, and confidence?  I decided I'm going to hike Mt Cheam.  It's a very challenging, especially for someone of my fitness and hiking experience, but it comes with some of the most epic views you can find in our stunning corner of the world. 

The only way to get the epic shots I want is to work my hindquarters off, literally, and build the endurance needed to make this challenging hike.

So at 4:30am when my alarm went off and I got a txt from my sister asking if we were still on I took two seconds to think about why I was willing to leave my nice warm bed to traipse up the side of a mountain I quickly decided that I had to JUST DO IT!

I am determined to achieve my goal and get those epic shots.  I am also determined to enjoy every second it takes to get to that challenge and conquer it :o)

A very special thanks to my little sister for being 'up for it if you are!' I wouldn't have been able to go without you!



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    I am blessed. I am the mother of two of the cutest little monkeys on the planet, I have the most supportive, indulging, and loving husband a girl could ask for and I get to wander around doing what I love... taking photographs of some of the most beautiful places on earth :o)

    I am living a happy, productive, and adventurously passionate life :o)

    This is my journey...


    June 2013